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Happy new year 2007!
Posted Friday, January 05, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Happy new year everyone! It has been quite sometime I posted before..
(My mum came back before the end of 2006. I am having lazy life style back again.)

Well, my new year resolution = No more laziness.
yap, my mum put up the same resolution as mine, but she broke it already! (hey only for a few days!! shame on her)

Oh yah. Here is my little action. My mum hopes that I will get her 2 million lottery ticket back this year like what I did on the show. hehe



  1. Blogger Joey posted at 10:09 AM  
    Can I have your pawtograph?
    eh.. I don't mean smacking your paw on my head. Just on a paper will do.
  2. Blogger Fu Fu posted at 10:59 AM  
    Rafv, I did saw that scene on TV. I was happily telling mama that my friend is on TV. ;) You look so cute biting the bottle

    ~ fufu
  3. Blogger Jay posted at 11:18 AM  
    Hi Rafv, do not forget me now that you are a star okay? :)

  4. Blogger Huskee Boy posted at 2:08 PM  
    Hi Rafv,
    You look real cool on telly.. I think you are way more handsome than that guy with the funny arms..
  5. Blogger Rafv posted at 7:10 PM  
    Joey - haha. I am not smacking your head. Your HC also knows that how much I adore you, right? hehe. and you already got my pawtograph, remember? at Christmas time?
    My paw is so small, even smaller than yours. Remember? hehe

    FuFu - thank you! but biting this glass bottle was really heavy.. I almost dropped a few time. aahh.

    Jay - Of course not! My mum also wanted to see all my blog friends since she missed this year's party.. (I did show her video clip of you to her!)

    Huskee boy - hehe, thanks, pal! all dogs are beautiful than human kind, that's what I think! :) hehe

  6. Blogger IndyPindy posted at 5:24 AM  
    Happy New Year Rav!
  7. Blogger IndyPindy posted at 12:40 AM  
    Hey Rav, where have you been?
  8. Blogger Rafv posted at 12:01 AM  
    Indypindy - Hey hey Pal! Sorry that I has been away for so long.
    My mum finally came back to Singapore, so I have an access to PC again! will update you more often! I saw your blog just now, how are your wounds going? healing well? Poor boy..
    The photo of your unhappy face reminds mum of "me"(she claims that I always make this face..)

    Love you,

    PC, I hope you can do "orange tricks" . Is not it nice that two almost same face does same tricks?

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