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Meet you again, Buddy.
Posted Thursday, May 03, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
It has taken a while to bring myself to blog about this. It is hard.

Despite all the encouragement and caring from all my friends in blog, God brought him to the heaven.I did send you guy's regards to him earlier, he was appriciated much.

He has gone on 27th April. He did try his best but the sickness is too much stronger than him.

All the humans around him regreted why didn't realize earlier. or should have done blood test from younger age..(Pls tell your humans to let you have blood test when it come to your older age, Promise me?)

It is sill sad for me even knowing Buddy is in the heaven, taken good care of.and No more pain.

I miss you Buddy, dearly miss you.

On behalf of Buddy, Thank you all for being there for him.

He was beloved by so many people and friends. We had so much fun time together,
I will always remember and cherish our memory. It's time to let you go , Bud.

Rest in peace, and will meet you again.

Buddy and his Pa and Ma, happy family photo

With Love,




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