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How to save my "face"?
Posted Friday, June 30, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I am so embarrassed.. Me, Rafv, 4yrs and 19days, first time fell down into a drain..

I was happily walking with my mum near my house. Alah, I was stumble over a piece of wood! (Btw, how come this f***ing wood was there first place?) and fell down.

Never mind. But worst thing was happened.

----- THE drain was too deep.

I was stunned for a while, but really can't figure out how to get out. Practically I was struggling to hold a hem of drain. Mum also stunned at frist, but realized A LOT OF passerby were laughing! (ryo: even people are pointing finger to us.. like "hey, look at that silly dog!)

Two kind hearted uncles are dashing towards us to offering a help.

Carried me out from a drain. (Thanks uncles.) I was scared but didn't growl.

Came back home, and started to think : "Am I a topic of our neighbourhood for a few days?" "What if someone says "Oh Look at you, silly boy!"

Nahh... No choice, I MUST FACE IT, maybe only good way out of this is act blur..

Big sigh...



Birthday boy = New toys!
Posted Wednesday, June 28, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
You guys already know from Scuba and Herbie's blog, We had a fun on Sunday.
Yap, it was my birthday with Scuba and Chewie.

Well, all the nice photos had been updated on their web, and foods are not so my topic, I decided to show off what I got as presents! I was so touched that everybody seems to know what I love. Thanks, pals!

Here are furry squeaky toys, I love the sound.

OMG items,i.e. CAT toys. Can't resist to put them in my mouth..

All my friends know that I am crazy over cats,rabbits, small furry canines :)etc, but well, maybe have not had any idea that "HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM.."

1) I love to eat meat, but you put meat and cat toy together, I have a difficulty to choose which one is more important.. Freshly steamed chiken VS Furry toy.. Tough decision..

2) I am not a loving canine almost all of the time,(I prefer to sit corner,and monitor other playing or rather sleep. Not loving doggie dogggie boy I am), BUT if you are holding "mouse mouse"(My fav toy, daddy call it this way) on your hands, I can do anything for you, to just get access to it. Ex:make my eyes round like cuttie dog(people love that!), and beg like monkey(people love that too! hiak hiak)

Umm? How to play this mouse mouse?
Okay, will show you how:

Human: hold the rubber string and make the mouse run like crazy, hop like stupid.

Rafv 1:

Rafv 2:

ryoko's advice: don't let your dog play so long, only around 5min max. Otherwise your mouse's life span will be shorthen up tremendously...


FIFA mascot boy.
Posted Thursday, June 15, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

In the middle of soccer fever, I thought : "I don't mind to be an ambassador for them."

But they are not interested in my offer..

Dah.. but you know what. I have a power to let the Australian team win!
See how long my luck last. hehe



Happy birthday-ed me!
Posted Monday, June 12, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

As usual, My PC had not been working(since mum is lazy to ON the PC for me..)so long,
I have missed to post this on my birthday, which was yesterday.

See! nice cakes, right? Thank you for Antie V and S.
As you may know, my mum is kinda bad cook, so delighted to know that she stayed away from kitchen.(Good choice, mum!)

We have a tradition for cerebrating birthday with Scuba. We were born in the same month, so will cerebrate together on the specific day when human's picked.

but each of our exact birthday, we have a little cerebration like this.

Scuba.... he pretended to be a birthday boy..(I remember his one is on 25th..)

Here is the real birthday boy!
Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, everyone!





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