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Almost reached to the heaven....
Posted Monday, November 28, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Hey, I must tell you..

I just came back from jogging with dad.

A stupid taxi almost!! knocked me down..

Me and dad went to pump air onto the bicycle's tyre, suddenly
I could sense something is coming from behind, and Wahh!! chiao ah pek even didn't care, drive towards to me..

Very close... less than a inch apart...

First time I saw my dad so angry, and went to kick taxi..
I wonder if my mum was around, what she is going to do?
(I don't think she just kicks taxi, surely make a big scene.. like as usual..)

What a Sunday night...


Chiristmas is coming soon.
Posted Tuesday, November 22, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Me at Scuba's house. Took a photo of Chiristmas tree, since my mum seem like not decorating house AGAIN this year as well.. I have heard that she is going to Japan around Chiristmas time AGAIN.. uum, it's okay, I kinda get used to it..

I love the festive season! = More chiken, turkey, pah kwua(?)etc.
For my understanding of festive season is like this.
Guys, agree?

I just checked my piggy bank, counted coins too. guess enough to buy presents for everyone. Any request?

For me? What I want? .........okay here is my list:
1)Cat,preferably female one. Stray will do.
2)Crab or tortoise, not edible one.
3)Rabbit, no preference on colour.
4)LV denim bag, so that I can share with mum!
5)Shoes, mum ask me to write in this...

Well, bottom line = Not food.. is fine for me.

hiak hiak! Looing forward to open present now!!



Max and Lycia.
Posted Monday, November 21, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I went to botanic garden with D&M today.(yah,, with Mickey too. damn) Today's objective is to get to know "WHO IS LYCIA?".

Well, according to Mum, she is a baby of L&L,(aka, Max parents).. Okay.. means Max's sister lah.

Here is the pix.
Cute huh?

Here is MAX and me!

He is eating something... Aiyo, he has not been matured yet. taking pix leh...

It was fun! Watching monkies and squirrels.

....... Untill My dad carried me up to take photo...



Okay... No more monkies... Time to go back..


How? Big lick for Antie S!
Posted Sunday, November 20, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
hehehe, I got a new look!! Love this colour!! happy, happy!! hiao!!!

Me sleepy too.

Talk to you again!



Left me alone with an old look?!
Posted Saturday, November 19, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Hey brothers!! How can you do that to me! EVERYONE got a new look of your blog..
Me, keeping as original... uum. Time to think about catching up you all...

Mum - You BETTER prepare a bunch of treats to Herbie. then he can help you to talk to his M to help you... You always do things too slow lah. can not take it...

Well, sharon antie, I will show you my begging face. Please be considered to create for me?

How? Not pathetic enough?....?....


Being petty...
Posted by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I have been too sad since yesterday... Mickey came over to my place... His papa went to HK and China(oops! Both China? who cares..)for ONE SOLID WEEK!! How can I survive?

Tell you the reason why I am so "Xiao qi" over Mickey. You will understand my feeling...

1)Take my mum away - Stick to her wherever she goes. I don't have chance to go close to her..

2)Take my bones & toys - Even I don't like to play toys normally,but hey, that's mine! I was placing nicely in my basket, you know... He messed up!

3)His smile.. - Look at him! He always being very happy. I don't understand why he can be so happy all day along..(Something fun meh..)

All above reasons, I am so mad!!

Wondering I can escape to Antie V's house??? (That side seems nicer,, got scupe/cats/Sam to feed me chiken...,Oh yah! Antie V came back yesterday, so she can sayan me as well...)
I should pack up my stuff for in case I have a chance to run away...

he is the one, everyone say 'Kawaii', not to me?...How can...


Arrrh, Herbie?
Posted Wednesday, November 16, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Bro, What sort of fasion statement is that?


me very lost..

Old maid?!?! ahrrr..


Sweet side of me. (Hao lian version1)
Posted by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
You may think I am just a plotter and schemer, not easy to handle kind of boy.
Yap, that is one side of myself, but I am gonna tell you, I actually have a kind, sweet and loving character, you know...

Here you go!

This pix is a proof of me doing volunteer work!! Cool huh?

Go to hospital, old folks house, and mentally problem kid's house etc.
I am a good citizen indeed.

My D&M quite busy recently, so not bringing me there for a few months.
They should spare me a car key so that I can go myself. They don't understand..

Changed impression on me? hiak hiak hiak..

well, good nite!



One good deed!
Posted Monday, November 14, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I went to daddy's house today. and ate his mum's chiken curry!(Yummy)
Always good to have chiken..

Well, you know what, I hate to eat kibbles, right? So I plotted a nice story and told dad.

R - "We just saw two stray dogs down stairs, right?"

C - "Yap. Too poor thing hoh."

R - "Yes, dad... I just thought it is nice idea that I share my kibbles with them? Maybe put some melamine on it.. They might be hungry now..." (Made very sincere voice, here)

C - ........................

R - "Ahrr, let's do some good things together with me, dad.." (getting nervous, he suspects me?)

C- ............... "Okay, it might be a good idea, son."

We made two bowls of kibbles with melamine.
Went down stairs.

Wah lao!! They grabbed, and ate it! (Xiao... Nice to eat meh...)

hehe, my plan succeeded. I could reduce my kibbles from container!!

Hehennn!! My plotting skill not get rusty!!

Nighty night, everybody.


Buddies, tell you new "NO" sign.. "Grrrrr"
Posted by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Went to West Coast yesterday... wanted to show you some pix to you all. but alah mah.
My mum's camera got problem...(She better gets new one. )

Well, Yesterday was hot. Not so fun... Stupid trainner wanna- be telling audience;

"If you(Human) want to communicate with your dog to tell, "NO", just say "Grrrrrr" to him.
Dog will associate with this sound as "NO" "

..............., what is this? I am not gonna associate "Grrrr" with "No".

Instead, I will snap him being rude to me..

Moral of story: Don't be foolish like some human being..


Dear Herbie, tell you my strategy.
Posted Sunday, November 13, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Hey, friend! Herbie the lampshade! keke

Me ever once in my lifetime, I was kanna lampshade....

Why? remember that I quarraled with Tommy the pai kia at park quite sometime before, and got a hole on my front leg?? (Damn, he is a good fighter too. Lost a game this time..)

I went to stitching. Not scared. I was perfectly cool on surgery table at vet. Even told vet "Go ahead without anesthesia." (See, how cool I was!)

Ahhh but scary thing happen later at home..

Mum bought a lampshade back, she worried I might lick my wound. Put it on me, then told me "Wahh! So cute Raffy!" ..... (well, at least she was so nice not to forget to cheer me up.) Me smiled back to her, wanted to tell her "I am fine!"

I walked a bit forward, knock onto wall, lost the direction knock here knock there...
Freaked out! I started to scream, complain, whatever I could do at that time.

Volah!! my mum felt so bad, told me "Oh, it's okay, it's okay, I CAN TAKE IT OUT RIGHT NOW!!"

My strategy worked!!! I could run away with free. (she wasted her money, keke, only wore less than a minite!)

You must understand your M's soft spot, and tackled there!
(Hey bro, If you moniter your mum carefully, surely got some soft heart side.)

CONCLUSION : Just show your emotional side, human can not take it one!


Which one more pathetic, me or him?
Posted Friday, November 11, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Friday night... Anyone got fantastic plan? Me? eerr, at home. (What a pathetic..) Well, Let's check website to kill my boring time! ..........................................., uum, what is this? For I know this is a ugly poodle... (Poodle should have more style, more elegant one, right??) , let me read the articles. .........................., Oh my god!!!! This is a rottweiler! kekeke, So pathetic!! Oh things like this. There is a kit of making over believed-to-be "fierce" dog to a "gentle"breed dog, selling in Australia.. So owner no need to feel hesitancy to bring believed-to-be fierce dog for a walk! blah blah blah...

I wonder... My mum has not bought this kind of kit for me yet, which means I might be a lucky boy than this rottweiler?/?/

............. Feel getting better. I should not be grumbling over staying at home on Friday night. See, more poor dog out there..


Posted by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Just saw my friends blog.. They got to play at aunty S' house. Me? haa, Dad and Mum went to dancing class, I left at home.... Told me that "today is rainning so can't go park anyway.." What a crap... My friends were playing what... You know what, mum hungging a stupid painting of me at park on the wall. She dares to say me, "waa, rafv at park EVERYDAY!" She is so sick... sigh..


About me.
Posted Thursday, November 10, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Hello everyone! My name is Rafv. I just got this site today, thanks to mum's friend, G. She helped my mum to create this page for me! (chitt,, My mum hoh... She quite helpless one.. Shang nao jing? If you guys understand Mandarin, then it must be said like this, I guess), Well, I got a Chinese name as well, you know. My dad surname is Tan, and My name rafv will pronounce Lai Fu. So it will be "Tan Lai Fu". Kinda ah-beng name huh. I hate it.
Never mind, I am not gonna responce when people call me this name..

I am now 3yrs and 5month, Got a lots of friends(I am not sure they think I am thier friend...) in park where normally my dad and mum bring me. My job in the park? sniff bitch and check out other dominant dog! (So far I counted a few very dominant one there, will talk about these later.)

Oh yah, one of mum's friend S is a good photographer, I got a lot of nice pix taken by her.
Can I show off?(Anyway this is my blogg, so nobody accuse me showing off, right?)

Talk to you all again!

Ciao Ciao,




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