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I got a new bowl!!
Posted Friday, April 07, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Let's forget about the incident between me and Tommy. I have got a present from Buddy mummy today!!

See! So nice yah! I love it so much.. I used to have a stainless bowl but now I have a classic pottery bowl to drink water from! yappeee. I feel like I am promoted.

Well, Buddy mummy is an instructer of pottery class in Tanglin. I saw the studio before. I must tell you that I was keep eyeing on Buddy's water bowl and tibits bowl for so long at their house. (His one is different colour as mine but very nice also) I attempted to steal but my mum doesn't allow me to do so. I guess Buddy mummy felt that I am being jealous over his bowls so made one for me.

hehe Anyway, I am so happy to have this bowl(See, my name on it!!) at my house!


Get well soon, Mickey.
Posted Wednesday, April 05, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Mickey is under going operation today.. Just sent him to Vet. Not sure what happen and what caused this problem. but most probably from bitten by GR 2 weeks before..

He was jogging with his papa along Bukit Timah Rd, suddenly out of nowhere one GR dashed out and bite him. Where is his owner? Well he was with a maid!(who was too busy talking with fellow maid and forgot to hold leash properly. and when his papa looked for this dog's maid, she run away far far liao.. of course, how to answer her employer? Can she tell that she is not watching a dog carefully, and run off the leash and bite another innocent dog, so please pay medical bill to Mickey? Oh oh, impossible, right?) he has got a big hole on his back,stiched already..

Well, then this time round, he has got a swollen ear..
Vet told mum that his ear inside accumulate blood(between skin and cartilage)so need to take out blood and put plastics inside.

Anyway my mum will go and pick him up later since his papa is busy with his entartainment thingy(Wah very Japanese huh?) Poor Mickey.

I decided to be nice to him. Even though I always bully him for being manja to my Mum. I must give in this time. It's hard to be nice, but I promise I will try..



Tommy loses his game to LoLo.. hiak hiak
Posted Sunday, April 02, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I am lazy today.. So decided to put a videoclip of my enemy..

Here it is:




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