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unglamor Scupi..
Posted Monday, January 16, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
It had been rain for more than 10 days straight up last week, We had no chance to go to park, right? Well, I finally met up with my fellows at park on Friday night. THEN, This "unglamor" thing took placed..

As you guys already awared that My dad is a kinda disturbing human, right?
He did it again.

Me and Herb met around at carpark, then we are hopping to go to park since so long we didn't go to park. I tell you, this herbie ah, he is like "never been to park" kind of dog, so happy untill really hopped and walked. ee, me? well, I was also indeed very happy, but I did manage to act cool in the public, I guess.

Then here comes Scupi.(Oh well, My M call him Scuba, Scupu, now she loves to call him Scupi. FYI) He was there already, way earlier than us, he looked so happy as well, and he started to play with me. but...

He caught my dad's attention somehow.
Dad caught him and said"you know your mum will be happy to see new Scuba!"

I know something disaster will happen, for my experience.
When my dad came up with silly idea, he always looks so proud and happy..

Here you go.
Seeing is believing.

Volah! One eye patched-bull terrier. aka New Scuba.
Using mud to paint, so I don't think it will last so long..

All the anties said so cute.
but his mum Antie V didn't think it is nice... Unfortunatelly..

Daddy got a confidence to make Antie V laugh and liked a idea of new Scuba, but she prefers it to be Original..

I am not sure but next target will be Joey, Jack(If he can catch them.)or...

Unglamor, but isn't my little bro look delighted?

(with appologizes on behalf of my Dad.)


hello... I am back...
Posted Thursday, January 12, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Hi, everybody. I have been a lazy boy for a month.
It's time to update my daily news, I guess.

Everyday, rainning.
Mummy got a new toy.(like a digital camera?)
Daddy got a roasted chestnut yesterday.
Me, very boring everyday.

That's all for my family's update for now..

Big sigh....




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