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Costume Play!
Posted Saturday, March 10, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
One day, I was viewing all my friend's blogs, seems like everyone own clothes.
Don't mention cutie small breed like Huskee, Joey, big size friend own some nice one too.

I am not a vain boy, I don't possess "Love shoes and bags" habit like my mum.
But I am kinda envy my friend who doll up nicely. So decided to ask mum to dress me up..

R: :Mummy? Can you go and get nice clothes for me? I envy all my friend on blogs"

M: "Very difficult to get nice outfit for your size, you know darling?"

R: "Argghh, I see... Then why not you rent me your clothes for a while?"

M: "Okay! No problem. Why not I will dress you up based on movie theme?"

R: "??? ..... Okay, whatever."

Things started like this.

She was watching "Queen" at that time on DVD. Theme is "ELEGANT"

Pearls from her grandma, big necklace from a her friend's designer in Japan.

She was so happy to see I am "Queen-ish old beauty", she forgot about I am a boy.

Next theme from "Devil wears Prada", one of her favorite movie.
I will dress up as Miranda Priestry, The Runway editor in chief.

fur vest and big sunglass...

At this point, I regretted that I did envy my friend. Turn out I asked for trouble.
She was so fascinated to choose another movie theme for me. but I kindly said No thank you.

Herbie, Now I know how you felt when you dressed up as a girl..


Cat - My favorite subject
Posted Thursday, March 01, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Hehe. I will be copy cat of Scuba now.

He said "Sleep is his favorite thing" in his life. I came to think about it, what is that for me? I can say, 100% sure not for toys(doggie use one), food(well, I am a robot,taking a battery to live).

I normally goes to Scuba's house daytime. First thing I do is to look for Pepper, not Scuba.. (Sorry Scuba, but you are not fluffy enough to attract me! hehe)

Look at me! Super fun!

Humans say that I am an abnormal one, pepper hates me, I love him more. He tries to scratch me, I get excited!(guess some humans are same like me, right? Addictied to "pain". hehe. Super sadist I am! heem!)

I sometimes corner pepper till balcony. This area is dedicated to put flower pot, not the balcony to "have some tea and chat". (Cross paws that Antie V not going to scold me for invading her flower space..)

See. We get along! Company pepper having little spa time also.

Well, I got a plenty of cat toys, all my doggie friends give me on my birthday, chiristmas whatever the occasion.
Me and Mr mouse.

CAT. Dear CAT.
I can't live without you..
I will be very good boy in this life time, so please god, let me be a pretty cat in my next life. Please.




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