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My puppy days.
Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Hello, everyone! I was absent from cyberspace for almost 1 month! What happened to me? Well, I was just thought that I had nothing special in my life. ALWAYS SAME, everyday. It doesn't mean that I was so bored or anything, but you know, ALWAYS SAME,
what can I post?

Well, Helios came in to our gang in this month. That's something indeed. Made me feel a bit of nostalgia of my puppy days.(Arghh, Am I getting old here?)

I am contented being in my life and my age. but hey, puppies are always cute to everyone's eye. Even someone like so stuck up, proudish like me(I don't think so, but all humans around say these to describe my character...), I HAD a puppy innocent days behind!!

Here is my first day with mum:

Did I change anything? quite same as what I look like now, right? (Except short legs:)

I came to her place and first thing I did is to "SLEEP".

Mum now then realized that my"don't bother to entartain humans" attitude started from day 1..

See, I was so tiny as like Helios!

Here to compare.

I met all the friends like Scuba, Tommy, J&J, Herbie when I was around 1yr 6month!
So you guys didn't know about my cuttie days! And I always think Helios is damn lucky.
He got bunch of friends to play with from day 1, and also not forget to mentionning of good photos as well.
(hint hint: I am here not happy about my mum, she didn't take a lots of photos when I was puppy.. Darn..) So sorry about poor quality of photos which I posted today.
she LOST negative, and not taken by degital camera too! Hahhh! What a proud mummy she is. Well, Life goes on. I will bear with this women for dog sake...




  1. Blogger Herbie posted at 11:36 AM  
    Rafv, you actually looked INNOCENT! That's a rarity. lol
  2. Blogger Rafv posted at 1:23 PM  
    Herbie - hehe. and I WAS not as naughty as Helios!! Believe it or not. :)

  3. Anonymous Ice posted at 11:47 PM  
    RAFV, u finally blogged.. i kept using my paw to click your blog.. thought the modem spoilt cos i knocked it over with my fat body..

    U LOOKED INNOCENT.. i am sure i will not be scared of u if i seen u then..
  4. Blogger Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! posted at 7:32 AM  
    Woo Woo Welcome back! I have missed youwoo! I have to say that I am very impressed that you are walking beside your human OFF LEASH and didn't run away!
    Hugs, Sitka
  5. Blogger Rafv posted at 11:39 PM  
    Ice- Sorry about long long absence! I finally met you at park at that day. You are really funny dude! Prefer to play with flog than me.. haha. I will update more frequently, I promise! Love.

    Sitka -Thank you, dear! haha, Actually humans forgot to buy leash when they bought me! I guess I am too charming, blinded them? Well, so I have no choice but follow them even without leash! (Who wants to lost their owner when you are still innocent puppy :) How silly mum can be? I am a potential run away breed, u know! hehe. Licks licks!

  6. Anonymous ice posted at 10:42 PM  
    rafv, your humans very cute.. can forget to buy leash!!

    next time at dog run, we will have proper introduction provided there are no frogs.. =)
  7. Blogger Scuba the Muscle Boy posted at 11:30 PM  
    Well I really do look like a pig when I was little and so glad mom didn't take many photos (and even more glad she didn't know Herbie's mummy)

    All puppies are innocent. It's the environment that we grow up changes us so blame the humans
  8. Blogger Rafv posted at 12:39 PM  
    Ice -Okay! We meet up at park again! hope not rainning today!

    Scuba - hehe. I saw your rare puppy photo! I must say you are super cute. Skinny pig!(Arhh, pig should not be skinny like when you are puppy..) Long time not seeing you, Miss you my little brother.

  9. Blogger IndyPindy posted at 2:42 AM  
    Wow, you were a gorgeous puppy! Hey, you are right, I did wag my tail like a helicopter...I don't know how I did that, it just happens when I am super excited!

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