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Posted Monday, September 18, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Again by huskee. You are little tuggy boy.. Hehe. Well, this time round, I have to list 5 things that make a true doggie friend.

Uum. Kinda difficult for me. As you know, I have sort of "attitude" for life(hiak), so not much good thing I have done>?#%///

Okay okay, give me sometime to think about it.


maybe goes like this:

1)Must not be jealous towards my friends whoever come over to stay.
2)Must not block the way of humans if they want to walk through when I am lying down.(Often happen to me.. Sorry)
3)Must listen to whoever is talking to me. (Not only shift ear position to pretend listening, have to turn face to the person who speaking to me. Right,Antie V?)
4)Must queue the line to drink water.(No shortcut, I promise)
5)Must always smile to greet friends at park.

Well, I will tag... Oh my god.. who can I tag? Everyone tagged? If someone not yet, please do volunteer to be tagged by me... PLeaSe....


Dog's day out!
Posted Sunday, September 17, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Remember my friend, Dickey? Well, this time around, his papa is organizing an event for dogs! Sounds interesting yah! I love to go to a doggy event, I can meet/make a lots of new friends there. and I have a habit of flipping newspaper(sounds clever I am?? only "classified" page though) to check what is going on out there on this week! hehe

Well, according to this flyer,there are some contests like:
- Dog and owner Look a like contest
- Best dressed dog contest
- Waggiest tail contest
- Fastest eater contest
- Dog drawing contest

I think I am not look a like a mum,(I am much more prettier than her,okay) so this contest I can't join. Well, then best dressed? I don't have any fancy dress.. sigh.
Waggiest tail, my tail doesn't function well to wag too... Fastest eater, I can be slowest eater.. Dog drawing, I am pretty sure my mum is a lousiest painter too..
I will be a spectator then...

Wait, how about my friend? Who look a like papa or mama? Best dressed dog, I guess huskee can go with his nice outfit. Herbie must be somebody of eating fast? Joey can wag tail like propeller! Got patential to win!! heee.

I hope my dad will bring me there on that day since mum will be back to Japan for a long long time.. I will talk to my dad, so you guys also talk to your pa/ma yah!


He is "belly belly happy" too.
Posted Thursday, September 14, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
With reference to Herbie's blog, I came to realize that not only GRs are sleep this way, belly belly happy way, my own kind sleeps same too! I couldn't believe my eyes..

Here is the eveidence:

Chewie is at my place for a week because of his papa now in jail. Oops, sorry in army.. Anyway, he is so active(Damn, he is older than me but full of energy)and so mischievious. I kinda like him even how much he irritates me or invades my space.

See, he sleeps on MY bed!

Never mind. I promised my mum to be a good host. So be it.

Watching TV on MY sofa!!

Never mind. I am a host, be nice to guest.. uuuuuu...

but I can get to play with him in the afternoon which I normally sleep through till my park time. Good fun. After heavy "I hump you, you hump me" exercise, We go back to my bedroom to have some chit chat. ..... Uum? What is our topic of the conversation? Well, we talk about Husky society, abusive human(you guys get an idea of who we are mentioning about?), some pretty gal in the park etc etc.

My time fly. That's a good way of spending boring afternoon.


Very unglam on rainny day
Posted Tuesday, September 05, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I have not trainned to Pee and Poo in the house, so rainny day is really pain in the neck for both me and mum.. Mum has to wear umbrella to go out, I have to wear raincoat which is not so glam..(Look at this pix, if I don't have ear, so weird face, right?) I just wonder how all my friends who P&P outside will sort this matter out.. Can you keep it till rain stops? or Your mums allow you to get wet?
(In my case, she is too lazy to wipe clean since I have got so much fur.. Damn)

Sigh.. I am going to Pee now. Excuse me for a while. :)


Most comfortable moment
Posted Monday, September 04, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Mickey has been staying with me for a week because his papa went to Japan for a while. Came to notice that he has a weird sleeping position when he feels relaxed.. Are all the GR same or just only him?
He goes to the wall and "hagging" the wall to sleep. and show his private part so openly!
I can't imagine that how he can do, doesn't he feel too open? Somebody come and attack, how?

Me, contrary, I normally goes to the corner of room, or under the bed to find most secure place to sleep. When I feel happy, I sometime goes up to mum's bed to sleep.

I know how to cover myself using comforter! That make Mum surprised. Here is the photo how clever I am! hehe


Little version of me?
Posted Friday, September 01, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

See, Doesn't he look like me? According to mummy, he is 4month old, currently staying at petshop in Thailand! I wish I can see him someday.. and hope he can find good papa and mama for foever house.




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