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Get well soon, Buddy!
Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
My friend Buddy is sick now. Very very sick.

Here is the photo of Me, Mummy and Buddy when we were enjoying each other's company.

He went to hospital on last Thursday because not eating well, and looked tired.
and found out that his kidney is not working well. Humans are all devastated.
and me too.

He is always nice to me, kiss me, follow me anywhere I go. He doesn't snatch anything that's belongs to me when we stay together at home. Very very good dog, Mummy and Daddy say.

Well, he stayed in hospital for till this Monday. now resting at home, with still dripping in his hand. This dripping is to wash toxin away from his body. He still looks very tired, but tried to greet me when I went there to see him yesterday.

I don't know what I can do it to him, so asking everyone of cyber friends for opinion. Someone has magic there? Someone had same sick brother or sister before??
Any advice? I just want him to be better and play with me as before.

Do let me know if you have any advice.

Meanwhile, I will cross all my paws for recovery of Buddy.




  1. Blogger Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! posted at 9:54 PM  
    I love the picture of you, Buddy and your mom. Your mom is very pretty!

    I am so sorry to hear that Buddy is ill. Do they know what is wrong with him? Has bad dog food made it's way over to you?

    I will think positive thoughts that he gets better and please keep us posted. In the meantime, just give him LOTS of kisses!

    Hugs, Sitka
  2. Blogger Rafv posted at 12:20 PM  
    Dear Sitka, haha, my mum is actually not pretty, wearing braces on her teeth, my dad likes to call her Ugly betty. haha.

    Well, not sure what caused the kidney failure though. Might be genetically, or by food. Vet says most probably accumulated over the years. He doesn't have blood checked before so difficult to say when it started. He was eating kibbles, like solid gold, Eukanuba, Eagle pack etc. But the distributer of above here said no such batches are coming in to country so I assume it has nothing to do with food.(but personally I don't much believe what they said though) He lost appetite suddenly, and looked tired. a few weeks bofore of his illness discovered, he had a lots of appetite and energetic, you know..

    His mum and dad are great, always accompany him beside, having positive thoughts to keep them strong.

    I will go and visit him later today so will send your regards to him! Buddy will be happy to know you are also there for him.

    Love Love,
  3. Anonymous alfie posted at 1:55 PM  
    rafv, please let buddy know that as a pup I was constantly sick from eating kibbles. My current Mum adopted me when I was 9 mons old cos she couldnt bear to see me so ill. She immediately changed my diet to BLENDED RAW VEGGIES AND FRESH RAW MEAT. My immunity system recovered after 2.5 months after my change of diet. Twice I vomited toxins that my body was eliminating while I was on fresh food. I am now a healthy 4 yr old JRT. Weekly my Mum gives me quarter tsp of apple cider vinegar in my food to clean my kidneys/bladder.
  4. Blogger Rafv posted at 3:18 PM  
    Alfie - Oh, thank you! I surely will let Buddy mum and dad know about your knowledge. Thanks dear.

    I didn't know that you have gone through sick period. You appeared to me always cheerful and happy gal. I appriciate so much for sharing with me, alfie.

    Big thanks and licks,
  5. Blogger Fu Fu posted at 10:05 AM  
    Hi Rafv, so sorry to hear about your friend Buddy. Maybe you can ask Jay for advice. Jay have kidney problems too and his human is helping him cope with it

    ~ fufu
  6. Blogger Joey posted at 11:35 PM  
    Hi Rafv

    SOrry to hear about Buddy's problems. Please console yr mum too, ya?
    Hope he will get better
    Joey and Jack
  7. Blogger Jay posted at 4:13 PM  
    Hi Rafv, I'm sorry to hear about Buddy. Sorry I came by so late.

    I can get J to offer some advice.. Do get Buddy's owner to email me at silkiejay@gmail.com.

    I will be praying for Buddy!

  8. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:25 AM  
    Hi Rafv,

    Sorry to hear abt Buddy's kidney problem. Maybe u could pass this newletter to Buddy's father & mother telling abt a diet for dog with kidney problem. HTH
  9. Blogger Rafv posted at 12:20 PM  
    Fufu - Sorry to reply you so late. I was just too sad.. and thank you for sharing info with me. I am sure Jay will be a big help if Buddy could survive to maintain from there.

    J&J - Help me to tell your HC, Thank you for all the advice she gave to my mum? My mummy appriciated much.

    Jay - Thanks millions for your willingness to share your experience. but unfortunately, Buddy didn't have a chance for maintainning his problem. Anyway I will tell his mum and dad for your kind support. Take care my friend, k?

    Anonymous - Thank you for your weblink. This web is so usefel. I will pass to Buddy parents too. They will be happy to know that good hearted people like you are out there wanted support him. Thank you so much.
  10. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:02 PM  
    Hi Rafv,

    Found a website talking abt Kidney disease. I thought it would be a good idea to post on the link on ur blog. Cheers!

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