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New friend, Hercules
Posted Friday, November 10, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Mum brought me to meet a new friend yesterday. He is adapted by one of her friend recently, because of previous owner who migrated to Australia. He is around 1 years old now. and very fat boy. How can I desribe how fat he is? uuumm, bigger than Mickey, but in a smaller frame. Now you can roughly estimate how fat he is, right?

He was quite timid at first, but realized later that he is indeed so playful .

We got along very well.

and for everybody's surprise, I even steal his "kibbles and wet food" dinner!
Here is the evidence..

My mum was so surprised, she says "tomorrow surely will be rainning"


It was rain today..

So all the doggie friends in Singapore, you couldn't go out to play today was my fault. I apologize for this.


My mum is back!!
Posted Monday, November 06, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
She finally(after 1 month and 9days..) came back to see me. Kinda excited to see her after so long not seeing.

I went to pick her at the airport with my dad, godma and Scuba together.

but seeing her is not easy since I was with "evil" dad and godma.. You know why?

...., because they will surely come up with a silly idea as usual.

I ever :
1) pull the cart
2) hold the flower on my mouth
3) hide behind the tree at carpark...

Well, I must tell you this time is the 'toughest' one.

We have to hide inside of the car boot.. Yes, the place supposed to store the luggage..

Scenario goes like this. Dad goes inside of the airport to pick her. We stand by in the car boot. Godma and dad will communicate by the phone WHEN to close the boot..
When mum wants to put her luggages into the car then tadah!!! We will jump out from there..

See, She will surely get surprise!, right?

but we waited so long untill got bored... Check our face..

Finally she arrived, Yap, we jumped out!

ahh,, she looks surprised, but more like taken aback. Like try to understand what is going on...

Everybody laughed and we got hugged and kissed by mum.

On the way back to home, I (most probably Scuba as well) can't stop thinking and wonder "what we have to do next time?" "Can we just simply greet her at the airport next time?"

I really want a driving lisence now.. Really.. then I can pick her by myself without any stunt..




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