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Thinking of changing my Fur-style..
Posted Tuesday, December 13, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

He is a dog.. Yes, Just looks like a Panda.
and He is a Japanese national.. staying Tokyo..blah blah blah..

I found out from Website just now.

I looked at mirror. Felt boring of my old-same look...

Time to change my look, I guess.

My dad can do the job since he got lots of colour at home.

Any suggestions? What look nice on me?

Disscuss at park later, fellas.



Antie V is coming back!
Posted Wednesday, December 07, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I have heard from mum that antie V(scupe mum) is coming back soon!

Scupe, This time, she is going to stay and not gonna disappear soon!
Seems your wish has reached to santa's mailbox already.

I was digging closet, found out this PAIR-OUTFIT with you, Scuba.

Shall we wear on that day to welcome her back?

What do you think?

We must act "Cute", then get more treats from her... hiak hiak...


unpopular me..
Posted Sunday, December 04, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I started to count "how many friends I still have?" after reading Joey's blog..
So far I counted less than one paw's friends..

Okay, I better be more humble. I went to library to check "Dog's behavior" book to defense my action.

True... There is non-pawing action for offering play.
I am damn surprised. It must be out-dated all the book in the library!!

My M said to me, " If you are a human, You will get sued many time."
She is reliefed that Dog world has not have courthouse.

Me, still Very sad..
Seems I must go my own way.. unpopular world..


I don't want to see anybody.. No park today...

I go to the hole and think through what I did wrong before.




heh heh, Herbie's house again!
Posted Saturday, December 03, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Believe it or not. I still have invited to go Herbie's house!

He seems far generous than what I expected!
(or he has no choice that his M&D asked my parents for dinner? Not sure..)
Anyway, I have not banned from indoor bishan park. Hyahoo!

Today, I tried to behave myself. Tried very hard to be a good friend for everyone.

I even offered my Paw to Joey's head for inviting to play.

but somehow I offended JRTs....

Joey and Jack.. They seem very angry over my action..
Keep on barking at me. refuse to accept my offer.. damn.

I am here in front of my desk, typing onto my blog,
just fantasizing... like,

"I will ask Caster to bbq you next time you guys not nice to me!"

hiak hiak.

Feel muaaach better now.


today's event
Posted Thursday, December 01, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

My M combed my fur today.

A lots of fur gone...

I hate combing..

After that, I was darn angry, slept whole afternoon till my park time.

Then, Finally my park time!
Met my fella's as usual.

BUT Today, we still have "indoor Bishan park" to go!

I mean... Herbie's house! Yippee!

Herbie jumped up his(oops! his parent's)sofa so 'hao lian'ingly.
So I also took oppotunity to jump up!

..... Decided to push him down. (hiak hiak..)

You know what!
This herbie, really felt down, hanging by behind two legs on sofa!
(how silly he can be?, hehehe)

I thought I just pushed him gently so that human may think herbie just off the sofa, because "He is clumsy". (Sounds good idea, right?)

but I heard Antie G and Antie S say, "Bad boy raffy!"..

Darn. They know I did it porposely...

I hope Herbie doesn't take it personally..
(Now regret a bit that he is not inviting me to his house any more...)

Sorry, H. I don't push you down again.
And I don't mind to share with you, your sofa next time..





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