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Oops, I have no face?
Posted Wednesday, March 29, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
After lunch, I was just viewing my friend's blog to keep updated what is happening.

OMG... I was on the video clip! on Herbie's blog. Immidiately wanted to pick up a phone to call him to say: "How dare to show this PRIVATE video clip to everyone? Are we not like a Nang Yang Poly couple, right?"

Herbie somehow seems to know that I was boiling, so he didn't pick up phone.

I am thinking now the fact.

1) We are happily engaged or rather married.(Pls refer previous blog on Herbie's)
2) For every couple, it is normal to have an "intensive skinship"(You know what I mean..) within a house. (Right, mum?)


People may pointed finger on me from now on, but I hereby declare that I am not shamed!

Dahh.. Just a soft porn what!

P.S. Herb, I prefer to keep our relationship in a quiet manner. So would you please not to show any more clip on your blog? and I will still love you even you betrayed me this time. Big Muuaahh from Rafv.



Mom is sending me to get fatten up
Posted Wednesday, March 22, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I have lost 2ksg since I last post. My mom is getting worried. She is now cooking for me (using Auntie S recipe). I think something is missing in that recipe because I am now turning my nose away.

Strangely I seem to have a BIG appetite at Scuba's house. I think Auntie V's house is only for reverse diet treatment. I will tell you why:

Chewie (nursing his wound there) has put on 1kg
Scuba (didn't lose any weight when he went for operation) yet put on extra 1.2kg
Jack & Joey (Auntie G allows them to eat there) .... maybe 5grams each
Herbie - god knows how much he has put on. He is always guarding the kitchen
Tommy - even has his kibbles at Scuba's house. Auntie S cheats by adding chicken
Me - gobbling down food given to me (from a big bowl) hoping to gain back my 2kg and more

I will tell you when I have acheive the desired weight.

Sorry got to go now. Scuba is wanting to play with me


I am not lazy..
Posted by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Definitely not. My mom's computer crashed

OK ok ok. Results on teeth still not finalised.




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