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Food matter
Posted Thursday, July 20, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
It is time to talk about "food".

All started like this :
I am having a new diet program called "All meat dinner". Because My mum claimed that she can feel bone on my back even though I look like fatty boy. (Nahh,, that's illusion of my fur lah)

So Mum and dad started to go to wet market on weekend to buy fresh meat, fish and veggies for last 3 weeks. Actually "market-ing" job in on my dad's. Because She doesn't know what is the market price and got "slash head" price instead. :(
(Mum : Normally expensive around 20-30% compared to the price his dad buy... Damn, not all Japanese are stupid, ok!) Mummy can't take it to be treated like "robot"(empty brain in Hokken, Am I right? haha) so passed down this job to dad.
Anyway, get back to main topic.

All mummies are talking about our dinner matter, then Herbie mum said that I eat too much after hearing what mummy said about my dinner! (Pls refer to Herbie's blog)

My personal data: 24kg. I should eat 720g, right? My favorite way for cooking: Steam. (No no to grill and boil)

Here is my last night dinner:
Today's menu are Chicken and mutton and fish plus veggies.

Normally I will get 2 pieces of chicken, or 1 chicken and 1 mutton/beef/pork, plus fish. Depends on what they bought. (but can't be 2 muttons, cz I am actually not fancy on beef and mutton.. MUST have chicken!! and topping will be cheese when mutton/beef is on my menu, to cover the smell.)

About veggies. Yuck. I hate it. but she chopped till very tiny pieces(worst things is they will stick on to my meat.. Can't spew out.. Sad sad sad..)

And fish. I love fish! Don't know why.

According to mum, I am eating around 900g..

but the reality is, I have only putted on 300g for past 3weeks.. Long way to go for recovering my lost 2kg...

Maybe I have not snack, (except cheese and milk sometimes.) but eat kibbles for breakfast. uumm, maybe my metabolism system are high. So I can eat more??

Here is my superviser look. to moniter my worker aka mum is doing her job. Scared that she might do foolish thing like over-cooked..

Dewa, itadakimasu!!


We, animated..
Posted Thursday, July 13, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Me, Rafv, I thought I am keeping my image as cool, handsome doggie boy for human's eye. but it seems not working well. .... At least for my mum.

Well, Scuba and I received a present from human and a dog. Scuba's from my mum, mine from my friend dog called Dicky. (Thanks, Dicky and his papa)

They picked up on our clownish side of us to make an "animated painting"! .... Okay, now I can tell you, my cool image has gone, vanished and disappeard...

My mum told me that "you as a pet dog, you must entertain owner!" She even told me that she likes me more when I am doing silly thing or making ugly face! That's more "kawaii" for her to think.

Uuummm, then, it must be being "cute" is much more useful for surviving in this human's world than being plain "pretty". (Remember well, my friends. Try hard to do more foolish things, you will get rewarded. More treats?, more hugs?)

Here is our pretty side
Scuba make this face when he is worried..
I have no comment.. Did I make this face before?


My Hello Kitty Co Ltd.
Posted Thursday, July 06, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
I was so bored.. Mum has been sick, I guess because of this soccer thing, she stayed up so late recently. Mum's sick = No outing for me. Simple as that.

Well, I got so bored till looking for something to do myself.
Yes! I may count my piggy (Oops, Not pig.) catty bank!

Here is my bank. (without any interest though.)

Don't ask me why "Hello Kitty"? Too girlish? Nahh, No choice, that is a present from my dad. He told me : "Son. Your mummy is a big spender, you should save some money for yourself." That made sense. If she over spend, what will be happen to my chiken?

Anyway, I have been collecting coins for a few monthes alreay.
Time to open up to check it out!!

Okay,, Plenty of coins. Do I work to earn money? No.. I ask my dad to donate to me if there are some coins in his pocket at the end of the day. (Being boy, I know most of guys tends to keep coins in his pocket, not in the wallet! See, How smart I am?)

One doller, two dollers. three dollers.....

Guess how much I had?

- $106 and 28 cents.

Not bad for starting. I know my friend, Scuba also has his piggy bank, I wonder how much he collected..


Discover the beauty of Human food.
Posted Monday, July 03, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Well, I stole my mum's dinner, called "meat souce pasta".

I normally don't give a damn to human's food, except meat stuff. What happened to me suddenly?

I was in SKC show today, normally I don't eat before competition. It is perfectly fine to me, cz my breakfast a shit, (I mean "dry kibbles)..

but my mum was too tired after coming back home. Went to sleep.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Long long time...

She claims that because of Brazil Vs France match was so late last night, could not have enough sleep or whatever. Well, okay, understand.

But first thing she did after waking up: Cook her dinner. (ei? Not mine?)

Some of my friends all by now know that my mum is -not- a- good- chef.
but I heard from her friends that her pasta stuff are not bad. (True?)
Maybe. Her best friend in Uni was Italian girl, Serena. She might taught her what to do.

Well, cut the crap. I was so HUNGRY! and smelled Cheese, some more.

Started to steal a bit while she was making coffee.

- ? Not bad! Ei, eat more!

I actually finished her plate when she came back to table.

Guess what! SHE DIDN'T SCOLD ME!!!
just gave me a surprised look.

Yes. I admit. I am a very bad manner boy. (but first time I did..,honestly)

Maybe I can ask Herbie or anyone who love to eat to come to my place when she make pasta again?




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