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Posted Thursday, December 01, 2005 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

My M combed my fur today.

A lots of fur gone...

I hate combing..

After that, I was darn angry, slept whole afternoon till my park time.

Then, Finally my park time!
Met my fella's as usual.

BUT Today, we still have "indoor Bishan park" to go!

I mean... Herbie's house! Yippee!

Herbie jumped up his(oops! his parent's)sofa so 'hao lian'ingly.
So I also took oppotunity to jump up!

..... Decided to push him down. (hiak hiak..)

You know what!
This herbie, really felt down, hanging by behind two legs on sofa!
(how silly he can be?, hehehe)

I thought I just pushed him gently so that human may think herbie just off the sofa, because "He is clumsy". (Sounds good idea, right?)

but I heard Antie G and Antie S say, "Bad boy raffy!"..

Darn. They know I did it porposely...

I hope Herbie doesn't take it personally..
(Now regret a bit that he is not inviting me to his house any more...)

Sorry, H. I don't push you down again.
And I don't mind to share with you, your sofa next time..




  1. Blogger Joey posted at 10:56 AM  
    Rafv, dun scheme anymore... all the aunties know your 'style'
  2. Blogger Herbie posted at 2:22 PM  
    why u don't like combing? I love it! So shiok!

    and ya... you can come over next time if you promise not to push me off anything.
  3. Blogger Rafv posted at 11:00 PM  
    I don't know why but from puppy time, I hate combing.. I know all GR like you, Mickey love to comb..
    arrrh, diff taste lah...

    K! I don't push you again! Promise. Deal..

  4. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:50 PM  
    Rafv looks handsome! May i know how old is he?

  5. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:17 PM  
    Enjoyed a lot!
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