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Meet you again, Buddy.
Posted Thursday, May 03, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
It has taken a while to bring myself to blog about this. It is hard.

Despite all the encouragement and caring from all my friends in blog, God brought him to the heaven.I did send you guy's regards to him earlier, he was appriciated much.

He has gone on 27th April. He did try his best but the sickness is too much stronger than him.

All the humans around him regreted why didn't realize earlier. or should have done blood test from younger age..(Pls tell your humans to let you have blood test when it come to your older age, Promise me?)

It is sill sad for me even knowing Buddy is in the heaven, taken good care of.and No more pain.

I miss you Buddy, dearly miss you.

On behalf of Buddy, Thank you all for being there for him.

He was beloved by so many people and friends. We had so much fun time together,
I will always remember and cherish our memory. It's time to let you go , Bud.

Rest in peace, and will meet you again.

Buddy and his Pa and Ma, happy family photo

With Love,


Get well soon, Buddy!
Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
My friend Buddy is sick now. Very very sick.

Here is the photo of Me, Mummy and Buddy when we were enjoying each other's company.

He went to hospital on last Thursday because not eating well, and looked tired.
and found out that his kidney is not working well. Humans are all devastated.
and me too.

He is always nice to me, kiss me, follow me anywhere I go. He doesn't snatch anything that's belongs to me when we stay together at home. Very very good dog, Mummy and Daddy say.

Well, he stayed in hospital for till this Monday. now resting at home, with still dripping in his hand. This dripping is to wash toxin away from his body. He still looks very tired, but tried to greet me when I went there to see him yesterday.

I don't know what I can do it to him, so asking everyone of cyber friends for opinion. Someone has magic there? Someone had same sick brother or sister before??
Any advice? I just want him to be better and play with me as before.

Do let me know if you have any advice.

Meanwhile, I will cross all my paws for recovery of Buddy.



My puppy days.
Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Hello, everyone! I was absent from cyberspace for almost 1 month! What happened to me? Well, I was just thought that I had nothing special in my life. ALWAYS SAME, everyday. It doesn't mean that I was so bored or anything, but you know, ALWAYS SAME,
what can I post?

Well, Helios came in to our gang in this month. That's something indeed. Made me feel a bit of nostalgia of my puppy days.(Arghh, Am I getting old here?)

I am contented being in my life and my age. but hey, puppies are always cute to everyone's eye. Even someone like so stuck up, proudish like me(I don't think so, but all humans around say these to describe my character...), I HAD a puppy innocent days behind!!

Here is my first day with mum:

Did I change anything? quite same as what I look like now, right? (Except short legs:)

I came to her place and first thing I did is to "SLEEP".

Mum now then realized that my"don't bother to entartain humans" attitude started from day 1..

See, I was so tiny as like Helios!

Here to compare.

I met all the friends like Scuba, Tommy, J&J, Herbie when I was around 1yr 6month!
So you guys didn't know about my cuttie days! And I always think Helios is damn lucky.
He got bunch of friends to play with from day 1, and also not forget to mentionning of good photos as well.
(hint hint: I am here not happy about my mum, she didn't take a lots of photos when I was puppy.. Darn..) So sorry about poor quality of photos which I posted today.
she LOST negative, and not taken by degital camera too! Hahhh! What a proud mummy she is. Well, Life goes on. I will bear with this women for dog sake...



Costume Play!
Posted Saturday, March 10, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
One day, I was viewing all my friend's blogs, seems like everyone own clothes.
Don't mention cutie small breed like Huskee, Joey, big size friend own some nice one too.

I am not a vain boy, I don't possess "Love shoes and bags" habit like my mum.
But I am kinda envy my friend who doll up nicely. So decided to ask mum to dress me up..

R: :Mummy? Can you go and get nice clothes for me? I envy all my friend on blogs"

M: "Very difficult to get nice outfit for your size, you know darling?"

R: "Argghh, I see... Then why not you rent me your clothes for a while?"

M: "Okay! No problem. Why not I will dress you up based on movie theme?"

R: "??? ..... Okay, whatever."

Things started like this.

She was watching "Queen" at that time on DVD. Theme is "ELEGANT"

Pearls from her grandma, big necklace from a her friend's designer in Japan.

She was so happy to see I am "Queen-ish old beauty", she forgot about I am a boy.

Next theme from "Devil wears Prada", one of her favorite movie.
I will dress up as Miranda Priestry, The Runway editor in chief.

fur vest and big sunglass...

At this point, I regretted that I did envy my friend. Turn out I asked for trouble.
She was so fascinated to choose another movie theme for me. but I kindly said No thank you.

Herbie, Now I know how you felt when you dressed up as a girl..


Cat - My favorite subject
Posted Thursday, March 01, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Hehe. I will be copy cat of Scuba now.

He said "Sleep is his favorite thing" in his life. I came to think about it, what is that for me? I can say, 100% sure not for toys(doggie use one), food(well, I am a robot,taking a battery to live).

I normally goes to Scuba's house daytime. First thing I do is to look for Pepper, not Scuba.. (Sorry Scuba, but you are not fluffy enough to attract me! hehe)

Look at me! Super fun!

Humans say that I am an abnormal one, pepper hates me, I love him more. He tries to scratch me, I get excited!(guess some humans are same like me, right? Addictied to "pain". hehe. Super sadist I am! heem!)

I sometimes corner pepper till balcony. This area is dedicated to put flower pot, not the balcony to "have some tea and chat". (Cross paws that Antie V not going to scold me for invading her flower space..)

See. We get along! Company pepper having little spa time also.

Well, I got a plenty of cat toys, all my doggie friends give me on my birthday, chiristmas whatever the occasion.
Me and Mr mouse.

CAT. Dear CAT.
I can't live without you..
I will be very good boy in this life time, so please god, let me be a pretty cat in my next life. Please.


Cong Xi Fa Cai!!!
Posted Saturday, February 24, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Happy Chinese New Year to you all!! Well, I can't hold oranges with my paws to wish you, so, volah! this is my way of holding oranges! (How cleaver I am?)

I must tell you it was indeed quite difficult on 4th orange(look at my worrysome face). Argh, My mum and dad are so bored at home. Nothing else to do so decided to make fun of me.

What a new year stars..




Happy new year 2007!
Posted Friday, January 05, 2007 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Happy new year everyone! It has been quite sometime I posted before..
(My mum came back before the end of 2006. I am having lazy life style back again.)

Well, my new year resolution = No more laziness.
yap, my mum put up the same resolution as mine, but she broke it already! (hey only for a few days!! shame on her)

Oh yah. Here is my little action. My mum hopes that I will get her 2 million lottery ticket back this year like what I did on the show. hehe


Merry Christmas!
Posted Saturday, December 02, 2006 by Herbie. ________________________________________________________________
Well, my mum has been in Japan for many, many days now, and I am sure she misses me. She'd better miss me, ot else I will ignore her when she comes back!

So, to make her feel a little better, I will post nice, nice pictures of me, and make her jealous that she cannot join us for our outing, then next time she won't go away for so long.

and this is me and my good friends...

Aunty S even helped me make a christmas card, so my Mum can send it to her friends.

So Mum, you better come home soon, or else you'll miss a lot of fun things!


New friend, Hercules
Posted Friday, November 10, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Mum brought me to meet a new friend yesterday. He is adapted by one of her friend recently, because of previous owner who migrated to Australia. He is around 1 years old now. and very fat boy. How can I desribe how fat he is? uuumm, bigger than Mickey, but in a smaller frame. Now you can roughly estimate how fat he is, right?

He was quite timid at first, but realized later that he is indeed so playful .

We got along very well.

and for everybody's surprise, I even steal his "kibbles and wet food" dinner!
Here is the evidence..

My mum was so surprised, she says "tomorrow surely will be rainning"


It was rain today..

So all the doggie friends in Singapore, you couldn't go out to play today was my fault. I apologize for this.


My mum is back!!
Posted Monday, November 06, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
She finally(after 1 month and 9days..) came back to see me. Kinda excited to see her after so long not seeing.

I went to pick her at the airport with my dad, godma and Scuba together.

but seeing her is not easy since I was with "evil" dad and godma.. You know why?

...., because they will surely come up with a silly idea as usual.

I ever :
1) pull the cart
2) hold the flower on my mouth
3) hide behind the tree at carpark...

Well, I must tell you this time is the 'toughest' one.

We have to hide inside of the car boot.. Yes, the place supposed to store the luggage..

Scenario goes like this. Dad goes inside of the airport to pick her. We stand by in the car boot. Godma and dad will communicate by the phone WHEN to close the boot..
When mum wants to put her luggages into the car then tadah!!! We will jump out from there..

See, She will surely get surprise!, right?

but we waited so long untill got bored... Check our face..

Finally she arrived, Yap, we jumped out!

ahh,, she looks surprised, but more like taken aback. Like try to understand what is going on...

Everybody laughed and we got hugged and kissed by mum.

On the way back to home, I (most probably Scuba as well) can't stop thinking and wonder "what we have to do next time?" "Can we just simply greet her at the airport next time?"

I really want a driving lisence now.. Really.. then I can pick her by myself without any stunt..


at Kyoto
Posted Saturday, October 21, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

2poison mashrooms on the grass. wow!!
FROM MARIO nintendo


Mum has been away for a week already..
Posted Sunday, October 01, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Some of my friends by now know that I am somehow having a situation of "abandoned", or rather "adapted". Abandoned by mum, adapted by my godma and Antie S...

What happened to my mum? Is it because of me being too naughty, she gave up on me?

Nah... She wouldn't have a gut to give up on me no matter how bad I am, Cz she is in love with me all the time! :)

She is studying in Japan now, but She will give me a call everyday to assure me that she loves me. So I am taking this oppotunity(adapted by godma) to have fun with Scuba.

BUT she had an anouncement to me today.

She decided to hijack my blog!! She says:
1) your dad is not turning on the PC for you, it is no point to have your blog..

--- Okay, point taken.

2) she misses to talk to all the antie's and uncle's in Singapore, so good idea to use my blog as a medium for conversation.

---- Ahh,, then why not call them..(shitt..)

Anyway, as being good boy, I agreed with mum. Let her do whatever. Less argument makes a happy family. Am I right?

Okay, she will update what is going on her daily life in Japan.

So far what I know, She bought a pair of D&G boots for this winter.(still not in winter though)

Love love,


Tagged by Huskee..
Posted Monday, September 18, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
Again by huskee. You are little tuggy boy.. Hehe. Well, this time round, I have to list 5 things that make a true doggie friend.

Uum. Kinda difficult for me. As you know, I have sort of "attitude" for life(hiak), so not much good thing I have done>?#%///

Okay okay, give me sometime to think about it.


maybe goes like this:

1)Must not be jealous towards my friends whoever come over to stay.
2)Must not block the way of humans if they want to walk through when I am lying down.(Often happen to me.. Sorry)
3)Must listen to whoever is talking to me. (Not only shift ear position to pretend listening, have to turn face to the person who speaking to me. Right,Antie V?)
4)Must queue the line to drink water.(No shortcut, I promise)
5)Must always smile to greet friends at park.

Well, I will tag... Oh my god.. who can I tag? Everyone tagged? If someone not yet, please do volunteer to be tagged by me... PLeaSe....


Dog's day out!
Posted Sunday, September 17, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________

Remember my friend, Dickey? Well, this time around, his papa is organizing an event for dogs! Sounds interesting yah! I love to go to a doggy event, I can meet/make a lots of new friends there. and I have a habit of flipping newspaper(sounds clever I am?? only "classified" page though) to check what is going on out there on this week! hehe

Well, according to this flyer,there are some contests like:
- Dog and owner Look a like contest
- Best dressed dog contest
- Waggiest tail contest
- Fastest eater contest
- Dog drawing contest

I think I am not look a like a mum,(I am much more prettier than her,okay) so this contest I can't join. Well, then best dressed? I don't have any fancy dress.. sigh.
Waggiest tail, my tail doesn't function well to wag too... Fastest eater, I can be slowest eater.. Dog drawing, I am pretty sure my mum is a lousiest painter too..
I will be a spectator then...

Wait, how about my friend? Who look a like papa or mama? Best dressed dog, I guess huskee can go with his nice outfit. Herbie must be somebody of eating fast? Joey can wag tail like propeller! Got patential to win!! heee.

I hope my dad will bring me there on that day since mum will be back to Japan for a long long time.. I will talk to my dad, so you guys also talk to your pa/ma yah!


He is "belly belly happy" too.
Posted Thursday, September 14, 2006 by Rafv. ________________________________________________________________
With reference to Herbie's blog, I came to realize that not only GRs are sleep this way, belly belly happy way, my own kind sleeps same too! I couldn't believe my eyes..

Here is the eveidence:

Chewie is at my place for a week because of his papa now in jail. Oops, sorry in army.. Anyway, he is so active(Damn, he is older than me but full of energy)and so mischievious. I kinda like him even how much he irritates me or invades my space.

See, he sleeps on MY bed!

Never mind. I promised my mum to be a good host. So be it.

Watching TV on MY sofa!!

Never mind. I am a host, be nice to guest.. uuuuuu...

but I can get to play with him in the afternoon which I normally sleep through till my park time. Good fun. After heavy "I hump you, you hump me" exercise, We go back to my bedroom to have some chit chat. ..... Uum? What is our topic of the conversation? Well, we talk about Husky society, abusive human(you guys get an idea of who we are mentioning about?), some pretty gal in the park etc etc.

My time fly. That's a good way of spending boring afternoon.




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